Protecting Your Business 
IDeal work for young people 
Serve Legal are the UK’s experts in helping leading retailers to independently check key areas of compliance, by performing highly accurate site visits that have successfully protected revenues, improved operational standards as part of a responsible retailing approach. 
We employ 18 and 19 year olds throughout the UK and Ireland. Our visitors enjoy a flexible role and getting paid to explore their local area. In return we expect a great eye for detail and excellent reporting skills. 

Why Use Serve Legal? 

Demonstrate your business as a responsible retailer 
Protection against underage sales and local authority fines 
Check and improve your staff’s ID check performance 
Used by the UK’s leading retailers and approved by Trading Standards 
Independently measure a range of compliance areas 
Proven to improve performance 
A low cost and best practice service 

Our Coverage 

We visit in any location in the UK & Ireland 
We have a team of 2,000 expertly trained auditors 
100% delivery with reliable & accurate data 
Reports delivered within 48 hours 
Access live web results & benchmarking 
Flexibility to check different and new processes 

ID Testing 

Serve Legal are the UK’s leading ID testing company, performing over 100,000 audits a year for the UK’s leading retailers in all sectors. Our service is used as best practice and is a highly trusted ‘currency’ of responsible trading used by legal professionals. We enable companies to independently self –test that their staff are checking the ID of young customers, an approach supported by local authorities. Our service is flexible and is successfully used to check all age restricted products and services. 

Broader Compliance 

Serve Legal’s accurate service also helps retailers to independently check and improve compliance across a range of important operational areas. Serve Legal has helped leading national retailers to successfully improve performance across customer service, queue management, upselling, promotional displays and pricing. Serve Legal are used by leading broadcasters to check that businesses are showing legitimate sports programmes.