Our Auditors 

We are looking for individuals who are... 
16 to 19 for age-related testing 
20+ for wider compliance audits 
Dedicated and reliable 
Detail focused 
Wanting to explore their local area 
Why work for us? 
We’re an ethical, market-leading company 
UK & Ireland #1 in ID and compliance testing services 
Interesting work that fits around your lifestyle, education or other work commitments 
Great training and mentoring 
Get invaluable work experience 
Develop your confidence, independence and transferable skills 
Increase your employability prospects 
Flexible working hours 
Great rate of pay (fortnightly payrolls) 
Travel expenses are covered by us 
Help your local community 
The Role 
We are recruiting compliance auditors to perform audits to a range of sites. These audits can be to supermarkets, bars and betting shops and the Serve Legal employee is required to visit these sites and then report back on a specific compliance issue. 
This is a part-time, flexible role, which is ideal to fit in and around other work or studies. Jobs are allocated and paid on a per audit basis. Auditors are offered work and it is expected that they will let their Area Manager know if they are not available for work. There is no obligation to complete work every week, but once work is accepted, it is expected that it will be completed by the deadline given. 
Talented Serve Legal auditors have gone on to management positions within the organisation. Some are employed to accompany new auditors while training. Others start or continue in Further or Higher Education, and many go on to pursue successful careers elsewhere. Serve Legal's growth into wider non-age-related services means we can now extend opportunities for older auditors and provide a longer career progression path. 


Joe Kelly, Liverpool. 2012-2014. 
Joe began performing audits in the Liverpool area in 2012 and continued in East Anglia while studying for his degree in International Relations. Joe became known within the company for writing the most detailed site descriptions in Serve Legal history, but also because of his fantastic 'Can-Do' attitude.  
On graduating from UEA in 2015, Joe started working full-time for the company and eventually worked as a Media Compliance Manager. 
Jake Duffy, Northumberland. 2011-2013. 
Jake was one of the first auditors to surpass the 1000 audit mark as he travelled throughout the Northeast doing audits, often persuading his parents to give him a lift and 'make a day of it'. In 2012, Jake was recognised for his efforts as he was awarded the 'Auditor of the Year'.  
Jake is still based in Sunderland where he works for an international plastics company.  
Sheri Payne, Essex. 2012-2016.  
Sheri's proximity to London coupled with her flexibility and youthful looks means that she has completed more tests than any other auditor in Serve Legal history. She registered with us the day after her 18th birthday and continued through to 20, during which time she completed over 3000 audits. A total legend.  
Sheri now works as a receptionist for a car rental company.  
Kristina Lee, Somerset. 2010-2012. 
Serve Legal have employed many incredible young adults, but no-one has yet surpassed Kristina in terms of positivity and sheer cheerfulness. Kristina travelled the length and breadth of the country from Somerset to Scotland doing audits, and afterwards was employed part-time to recruit for late night bar audits where she very successfully used that positive attitude to persuade other auditors to go out late at night and work!  
Kristina now works for one of the Big 4 banks.  
Jessica Madden, Brighton. 2006-2007. 
Jess was one of the first Serve Legal ID auditors, recruited while babysitting for one of the directors. On discovering that she was 18 years old, he asked Jess if she would drive around 40 Threshers off-licences and perform mystery shopping when not looking after his 5 year-old. As such, she came to epitomise the flexibility and willingness which characterise many of our best auditors.  
After studying fashion at Westminster, Jess is now a freelance designer based in Sussex.  
Mark Pimblett, Wales. 2013-2015. 
Mark signed up as an auditor during his first year at university at Aberystwyth and was disappointed that there weren't enough tests easily accessible to him in this area of rural Wales. Undeterred, Mark took any audits offered by his Area Manager and during the course of the next two years became one of our most well-travelled auditors ever, travelling throughout the west performing ID tests and media compliance audits.  
Mark worked his way through the ranks and went on to work for us as a Weekend Approver, Weekend Supervisor, Deputy Area Manager and an Area Manager before pursuing a career in accountancy. 
Ross Canavan and John Erdemli, Glasgow. 2006-2008. 
Ross and John were our young men north of the wall during the early years and worked as a great team, sharing the audits between them. During an outing when the London office staff ventured North to visit the guys, Ross coined the term 'Serve Legal 'till I die' outside the Cushion nightclub in Glasgow.  
Both Ross and John are now engineers working in Glasgow.  
Pardeep Kumar, London. 2008-2009. Pardeep would travel anywhere on London's extensive transport network but as he didn't want to be laden down with his purchases he would simply discard them in the first rubbish bin he came across outside the premises he had just tested. 
Brad Mellor and Jake Kemp, Yorkshire and East Midlands. 2010-2012. 
Another very impressive duo who would share audits in Lincoln where they were both studying Sports Science. Brad, who sounded like a 60-year-old pigeon racer on the phone, would cover all the visits in his native Yorkshire, while Jake liked nothing better than driving all around the Nottinghamshire countryside.  
Both Jake and Brad have pursued careers in sports and fitness.  
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