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Liverpool lad Joe rose to fame at Serve Legal for a number of reasons. First to be recognised was his eye for detail; he was giving his Area Manager a lesson in describing locations! He would also go anywhere, absolutely anywhere and for any reason. He caught the attention of the directors when he completed an undercover visit for one of our clients and produced a fantastic report. Now, he is the Area Manager of North East England. 
Jake joined Serve Legal just days after turning 18 and worked right up until his 20th birthday. One of the first to reach the 1000 visit milestone, he was one very committed visitor willing to go wherever the work was, come rain, shine or blizzard! Nothing was too much for Jake and this was recognised when he scooped the Visitor of the year - 2012 award. 
Sheri started with us as soon as she turned 18 and carried out her first visits the day after her birthday and she is still going! Sheri undertakes visits around Essex and East London, plus Sheri regularly goes to South East London, Watford, Central London, North London, St Albans plus she makes no complaints about going to Bedford and beyond Oxford. A lovely, mild mannered girl with a great 'can do' attitude has made Sheri one of our greatest visitors to date. 
Ever willing, always reliable, and hungry for work, Kristina proved to be a real star. Her crowning achievement was completing nationwide visits in two days, driving from Taunton to Newcastle, on to Glasgow and back to the West Country via Bristol, clocking up 1,000 miles. While studying for her law degree she was a great Assistant Co-ordinator and as Late Night Bar Co-ordinator never let us down. At her interview for AC role she announced her intention to become an MP – remember the name – she’ll be running the country one day! 
When Threshers gave us 40 shops to do in a weekend in January 2007 our king of the jungle Ed Heaver turned to his friends babysitter, Jess Madden. Ed drove around Brighton filling his boot up with booze. Fortunately, Jess had an imminent party! More visits followed with Jess, simply, texting Ed the number of the store and whether it was a pass or a fail. She really helped to start Serve Legal; where would be without her… 
Brad sounded like a 60 year old pigeon racer on the phone, he was so proud of his Barnsley accent. Read aloud his text messages and you sounded like an extra from Last of the Summer Wine. Fellow star visitor Jake Kemp, from Mansfield lived with Brad whilst studying sport science in Lincoln. Both guys had a fantastically positive attitude agreeing to any visits offered. Often they would answer one another's phone and if they realised that they might miss a deadline they would help one another out. 
Pardeep’s motto was anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Using one day travel cards he travelled far and wide. He was one of the first visitors to break over 900 visits. 
Mark signed up as a Serve Legal visitor during his first year as a student at Aberystwyth University in 2013.  With his youthful good looks, a pedant’s eye for detail and a love of the open road he successfully completed visits throughout Wales all the way across to the Midlands, amassing an impressive 1400 visits before his 20th birthday.  As Mark continues to clock up the miles as a visitor performing a variety of non-age restricted compliance tests, he is has probably undertaken more ‘visit miles’ than any other visitor in Serve Legal history.